Friday, December 6, 2013

Back To It

So I've really neglected this blog and of course I am disappointed. I don't know how to make myself blog on a more consistent basis...maybe set an alarm everyday as a reminder :)
Well with all this being said, I should say that I have been busy between work, studying for my NASM exam and also trying to enroll in classes (more on that later).

All in all, I've been happy and healthy. Once a week I attend a class called BUTI yoga. It's a mixture of dance, yoga and plyomentric moves. It's amazing and you feel electrified when the class ends. I attended class last night and the instructor has now added the use of silks to help stretch the body and aid in active/functional flexibility. I believe they offer it throughout the U.S. It is definitely worth checking out.

My boyfriend shared a great article with me:

The SNAP program that they discuss is really such a brilliant concept. It would be such a shame if funding is cut for it. Educating people, especially families with children is a crucial step in building a healthier country for the present and future.

I'm just sitting on a train to San Diego at the moment and reading my Nutrition Action newsletter. Does anyone else get this? Always full of great information. 

Well all I can say is that I hope more than anything to work harder on this blog and give it more attention. Now to set that alarm ;)